Girls Varsity Soccer · Thanks Lady Titans Soccer

When we lose a game, we would like to take away something useful- a lesson, a new play that works, a player in a different position that works better, but sadly, we more often than not,  take away the feeling that we hate losing.  We question everything we did and wonder what could have been. It’s not productive, and will ultimately give way to acceptance as we move from sport to sport.  My hope for the girls soccer team tonight is that you can see past the disappointment of tonight and see all the blessings of the year that was and the one that will be.

If we go back a few months before the season started, our core group of girls was worried that they wouldn’t even have a team.  What happened?  A great group of freshmen girls came out to support our older core group of Titans by joining the team; many of them had never even played before. There was no promise of championships or awards, just the invitation to work hard, get better, and be part of something larger than themselves.  That group of girls not only allowed us to field a team, but improved so much over the course of the year that we became a very competitive unit.   Although we lost tonight, we have a great group of girls returning next year.  Not just good players, but great young ladies.  If these girls stay together, recruit some younger kids, and believe in themselves, there is no reason they can’t improve upon this year and make some waves in the new conference next year.  And who could forget our seniors, what an amazing group of young ladies.  All three are great girls, and all three will go on to be successful young ladies.  While they are leaving us after this year and won’t be returning to the soccer field at Taylor, they have been blessed by their association with their fellow teammates and coaches, as they too have blessed their teammates and coaches in return. There are few things as great as being part of family- and that’s what a team becomes under the guidance of the right coach. Speaking of, our girls must be thankful for the example of their coaches- all three great men who practice what they preach.  Thank you gentleman on behalf of myself and the kids.

So ladies, don’t be too hard on yourself tonight.  We are so proud of you. Tonight, you made me proud to be a Titan, proud to be in charge of your sports program, and proud to say, “Those are my girls.”  Thanks for a great year.  – Mr. D