Multiple Teams · After School Tutoring

Our athletes have a lot of demands on them.  They go to class, have practice, film, weights, they have homework, and some have a job.  These extra-curricular activities sometimes distract students from the main reason they are in school- to learn and prepare themselves for college or life.  With that in mind, we are providing assistance to those students in need of help in their classes.  We are offering tutoring after school on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday until 3:45.  Students will meet with two teachers, one focusing on Math and one on English, in the media center right after school.  To make this easier, we are offering transportation home from the tutoring session.

Middle school athletes who currently have at least one F are required to attend tutoring until they no longer have an F.  Failure to attend tutoring will remove them from any game activity.

To be clear, this tutoring is available for all students, not just athletes.  However, this is a valuable resource for our athletes, and I truly hope they choose to take advantage.  Please encourage your student-athlete to attend.