#titanstyle · Winter Banquet March 5

Well, the 2017-2018 Winter Sports Season is in the books. It was a season filled with ups and downs, smiles and tears. In that respect, it wasn’t different than any other season. Where I believe this season separates itself from other seasons is in the growth or our athletes and coaches. Nothing will make a coach or player reevaluate what they are doing any more than adversity. This season, especially early on, had its share of adversity- what is adversity? Just another opportunity to do great things.

I, along with our admin staff, have worked with the coaches almost daily as they have dealt with struggles they had never dealt with before. Further, our coaches and I worked with our athletes before school in a sports class. (thank you team moms for your assist with this one) Over the course of this experience, we have had some tough conversations and have laid some great plans. With parental support, we can do some amazing things for the kids in our Taylor Community.

I can tell you right now that we have some amazing plans on the horizon for our athletic programs. We have the best weight training plan we have ever had. We have young coaches who are enthusiastic and are learning daily. We are working on a plan to offer all of our athletic programs to our kids in the elementary school. Our high school athletes don’t know it yet, but they will be taking another step to self improvement on Monday Night and will have mentoring opportunities in the future!

All of you are welcome to join us on Monday, March 5 at 6:00, as we celebrate our student athletes at the Winter All-Sports Banquet. In addition, I will share some of what we are doing and what we are planning for the future. I look forward to seeing you all there. It is truly a GDTBA.